Hydrogen Canada’s project will strengthen the value of Canada’s natural resources by converting natural gas to hydrogen using Steam Methane Reforming (“SMR”) or Autothermal Reforming ("ATR") technology with on site Carbon Capture and Storage (“CCS”).


The transportation of hydrogen has been planned to use Ammonia and Hydrogen Canada is planning to send Ammonia to North America and Asian markets including South Korea and Japan from Canada’s west coast. The transported hydrogen will be extracted from Ammonia using dehydrogenation process at final destination.


The project will be one of the largest hydrogen producing project in Canada upon completion by 2027. When fully operational, Hydrogen Canada’s project will produce 300 tonnes of CO2 - free hydrogen per day, approximately 100,000 tonnes per year, while recycling 3,000 tonnes per day of CO2


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"Hydrogen Canada Corp. does not directly offer or supply engineering services. All engineering services are provided through qualified and legally authorized third-party companies and individuals."



Hydrogen Canada is discovering massive potential of Canada’s

abundant and low-cost natural gas to produce CO2-free hydrogen

to supply North American and Asian markets.